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Keep Your Heart Healthy By Avoiding These 5 Foods and Drinks

Heart health is something we should all prioritize, especially as we age. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, according to the CDC. What’s more, heat-related illness is common across many racial and ethnic groups in America – meaning, that we are generally as susceptible to the disease as any of our neighbors and friends. This makes prevention absolutely necessary.

Aside from regular exercise and other healthy habits, like drinking plenty of water and cutting back on smoking and alcohol consumption, your diet can be a major influence on your heart health. Check out this quick list of foods, which cardiologists always avoid when sitting down for a meal.

Processed Meats

There’s no way around it: processed meats are bad for your heart, and have been linked to both heart failure and cancer. Bacon, ham, hot dogs and sausages are just a few examples of processed meats, or meats that have been salted, cured, fermented, or smoked in order to preserve their shelf life.

Red Meat

Red meat isn’t much better than processed meat when it comes to heart health. Steak is full of saturated fats, cholesterol, and salt. No wonder doctors recommend that you eat red meat once a month! When you splurge, choose leaner cuts, like the eye of round, top roast, top sirloin, and sirloin tips.

Diet Soda

Surprised to learn that diet soda is worse for your heart than regular soda? “The aspartame in diet soda is actually worse for you than sugar or high fructose corn syrup and can make you crave sweet things,” says Sindhu Koshy, MD, a cardiologist at Ascension St. John Macomb Oakland Hospital in Michigan.

Boxed Cereal

Cereal may be convenient, but it’s also bad for your heart – not to mention your teeth and waistline! People who get approximately 20 percent of their calories from added sugar are nearly 40 percent more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Try plain oatmeal with fresh fruit instead.

Energy Drinks

Need a boost? Energy drinks are inexpensive and readily available at your nearest gas station or convenience store. Yet, energy drinks are loaded with enough caffeine to trigger arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat. Plus, they’re chock full of sugar, which is bad for your body in more ways than one.

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