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8 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Cozier

Advertisements for couches and mattresses all have one thing in common: cozy interiors begging to be lived in.

But what these ads don’t tell you is that your furniture choices aren’t the only factors in creating a warm and comfortable space. It’s all about the right pieces of decor and interior design style.

We understand that most of our residents at 225 Sycamore Apartments prefer to live in spaces that feel like comfortable hygge havens. After all, your home is where you can find a sense of security amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

That’s why we came up with eight ways to help you turn your apartment into a cozy sanctuary–all without cramping your space or style.

Get Indoor Plants

If your home seems lackluster, indoor plants are the perfect solution. They breathe life and vitality into your space and even help improve your indoor air quality.

You might be wondering, “Can’t indoor plants clutter up my space?”

Well, not really. It all depends on your choice of flora and their location in your home. You can always hang them up, preferably near your windows, to save more space.

Install Warm Lighting

Cool lighting can provide your space with a sufficient amount of brightness, but it can also make the room feel unfriendly in a way–like you’re being observed or interrogated.

The solution? Install warm lighting.

Lights with warm tones look appealing mainly because they give off a sense of being beside a warm fireplace or watching the sun go down. In other words, they bring a cozy, relaxing effect into your apartment.

Choose Wooden Furniture

Plastic or metal furniture adds an austere feeling to an indoor space. So you might want to incorporate more wooden elements into your apartment.

Wood offers an aesthetically pleasing look like no other. Like cottages from fairy tales, your home can feel a lot cozier when you have more pieces of wooden furniture.

Read More Books

Speaking of fairy tales, another great way to make your apartment cozier is to set up a reading nook–be it a mini-library or a bookshelf in one corner of your apartment.

A room filled with books can give off a magical feeling that one experiences inside a cozy library. Plus, books provide you with another hobby to replace the (arguably) unhealthy habit of being stuck on social media.

Layer With Fabrics

The easiest way to achieve comfort? Decorate your space with delicate accents: fabrics.

Knitted fabrics on your furniture can let you reminisce about happy days at your grandma’s place. Throw pillows and blankets can instantly make your couch look softer. Accent rugs can warm your feet during cold days while conveniently absorbing noise.

When choosing accents, it’s all about how they make you feel. Do they kindle feelings of ease and comfort? Or do they make you feel suffocated or constricted?

Cover Your Windows With Airy Curtains

Uncovered windows can make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortably visible.

But you don’t need to cover them with thick, smothering curtains. You can opt for airy tulle curtains, which obscure the view of your interiors from the outside—all without making your space feel too confined.

Showcase Your Personality

Before you give your apartment a complete makeover, you have to keep one thing in mind: don’t lose yourself in the process.

Being surrounded by things that reflect your true self allows you to be your best self. In turn, you’ll always feel comfortable and cozy whenever you’re home.

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