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If You Shop with Instacart, Do Yourself a Favor and Check Out These Tips

While the pandemic was in full swing, you might have outsourced your grocery shopping to apps like Instacart, which allows you to shop for your groceries virtually, before paying a small fee to have them delivered to your apartment. Now that the economy is starting to re-open, you might agree that grocery shopping isn’t as scary as it once was – yet, the convenience of Instacart still can’t be denied. You might even willingly admit that you’re an Instacart convert! Make sure that you’re maximizing your Instacart experience and saving as much time and money as possible by utilizing these suggestions, which will make using the app easier and more affordable.

Nail the Timing of Your Order

Did you know that grocery stores typically restock their shelves overnight? You can take advantage of this fun fact with your Instacart app. To increase your odds of snagging fresh produce, eggs, and the like, create and schedule your order the night before, choosing the earliest delivery slot available for the next morning.

Easily Shop for Foods That Fit Your Diet

Shopping for foods that mesh with your restricted diet is time-consuming – or, is it? With the Instacart app, a formerly burdensome task is made much, much easier, thanks to filters. Turn on the filters you want to see – options include gluten-free, kosher, vegan, organic, and more – and you won’t pull up any products that don’t complement your diet.

Choose Budget-Friendly items

Speaking of Instacart filters, they aren’t just handy for those searching for vegan ice cream. They’re also crucial for the budget shopper, as they allow you to filter your search by price point. The app also makes it easy to take advantage of sales and promotional offers. Simply select the store you want to shop, click on the “Savings” icon and choose either the “Sales” or “Stock Up & Save” tab.

Save Money with Pickup

After paying for the $3.99 delivery fee and giving your courier a well-deserved tip, you can easily spend $20.00 or more just to get your groceries in your apartment’s refrigerator. If you want to save a few dollars and have time to pick up the groceries at the store, you also have that option as an Instacart user. Just keep in mind that you’ll still have to pay a pickup fee of $1.99 per order.

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